MAD STARING EYES – Alex, Ollie and Dan, had the honour (like kamikaze pilots) of being the first group ever to record at the new Commercial Arts Studio…… Valuable lessons were learned like :-

  • Don’t try to put a six-foot-three drummer who’s built like a country closet into an eight by ten drum booth with his kit if you ever want to see him again.
  • Remember to supply an umbrella for (1) those 100 metre walks to the outside lavatory in the pouring rain and (2) regular Camel breaks.
  • Remember that three big computers, a forty channel desk loads of retro outboard kit and twenty of those nasty little newfangled triangular light bulbs all generate a massive amount of HEAT in an airtight soundproof room so you WILL lose weight and maybe need a towel or two…… Sound is important but SURVIVAL probably should take precedence!

Apart from the above and a bit of wrestling with teething problems in the desk, the day went very well and we ended the session at 2.00a.m. alive, wet, several pounds lighter but with a decent backing track and still speaking to each other (those of us with any voice left)

The boys went on to Malvern festival where they are appearing this week and pitched their new EBay purchase, a huge canvass Scout tent, in the dead of night…..Alex got up this morning and left the tent saying “ I may be some time”

I had quite forgotten how much I love recording studios.

Guy Fletcher

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