Guy’s Vintage equipment back in service !

Commercial Arts Studio in Wantage is a mix of analogue and digital¬†facilities designed to accomodate Guy Fletcher’s whims and allow him to indulge in his belief that certain vintage equipment will give you the best possible results when put up against more modern computer plug-ins. For example his old Lexicon 224 reverberator. Arguably one of the best digital reverbs ever, certainly¬† when it was first introduced in 1978….. Guy has just retrieved his 224 from a cupboard where it has languished for fifteen years or so and had it lovingly restored to its original glory. Now installed and working, the 224 is delivering its excellent and user friendly sounds in exactly the way it should….. Guy travels to Stoke-on-Trent Monday to pick up his newly restored PPG Wave 2 and 2.2 synthesizers. They will both be in service by the end of the week.